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Bottles made from bottles?

Let’s start at the beginning.
Awareness of plastic pollution, including the damage of plastic bottles to our environment is at an all-time high


Welcome to Ditched & Switched – the series focused on highlighting hidden hotspots that are helping move the dial for sustainability.

Earth day. Every day

Hello there, fellow earthlings. It’s officially Earth day, a very beautiful concept and celebration, bringing SO much awareness to a vast majority of countries and people across the globe.

Choosing better for the planet with Grind

Compostable & Plastic Free…we’re SOLD. This week we hear from Grind’s Social Media and Community Manager, Jaz, on all things Coffee, aesthetics, and sustainability.

Forbes 30 under 30

Forbes 30 under 30! A letter from Josh White, Ariel Booker, Perry Alexander, Co-Founders Walking along a remote island beach in Thailand should be the stuff of dreams. But for three best friends, it was an alarming wakeup call, when we saw first-hand the pollution created by single use plastic bottles. We created CanO Water […]


Since you started reading this, over 700 kilograms of plastic have already polluted our oceans. The more plastic we make, the more ends up in our forests, oceans and even our stomachs.


We live on a gloriously sexy and beautiful planet, which we are all lucky enough to call our home. Out of the millions of other planets in our Galaxy and the Universe, Earth is the only one known to sustain life – it’s pretty amazing right?