Hello there, fellow earthlings. It’s officially Earth day, a very beautiful concept and celebration, bringing SO much awareness to a vast majority of countries and people across the globe. Recently, there has been a HUGE and sudden urgency for everyone to do more, more and MORE to help our planet mitigate Climate Change, improve Biodiversity and stop endless Pollution. Eco-anxiety[1] (which may sound ludicrous) is very much real and many of us are feeling it…


So, what can I do?

This Earth Day, we’re encouraging you to challenge yourself to explore, learn and begin to change small habits that may slowly snowball into other aspects of your life! We’re celebrating by championing some of the many inspirational people, organisations and brands who are working collaboratively for the benefit of the Planet. They present facts we’re sure you’ll find easily digestible and beyond informative. So be sure to sprinkle some of the below into your day, upcoming weeks and months… Every day is Earth Day!

The GOAT’s (Greatest of All Time)

1. Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson


Ayana is a Marine Biologist, policy junkie, author and a huge environmental activist fighting for an intersectional approach for fighting climate change – since the majority of individuals who are disproportionality impacted by climate change are ethnic minorities. She will be a breath of fresh air on your feed!

2. Bill Gates

Instagram: @thisisbillgates

He is like Marmite… You either love him or hate him, there is no middle ground. However, we must agree that the work he has done for the world has been incredible – from eradicating Polio[1] in Africa to working on COVID-19 vaccines, to writing about a book on ‘How to avoid a climate disaster’. Yes, his ideas can be controversial, but perhaps that’s just what’s needed moving forward?



3. Leonardo DiCaprio

Instagram: @leonardodicaprio

Hollywood was never going to be enough for Leo, especially not after stealing everyone’s hearts. His environmental and political activist side is refreshing and has had a massive impact in pushing for policy. His documentaries are also binge worthy…Keep reading!


4. Summer Dean

Instagram: climatediva

A 23-year-old from Portland who is an environmental and political activist. Her content is definitely engaging and FUN, but straight to the point and very educational. If you want light environmental content then this is the account for you!

5. Al Gore

Instagram: @algore

You may know him as the 45th Vice President of the United States or as an environmental activist, or as both. Nonetheless, his work has been very influential in the environmental policy field and he has done a tremendous service for spreading awareness through his documentaries ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ and ‘An Inconvenient Sequel’.

The (Educational) Game Changers

Hit that follow button for accounts that are actively moving the dial. Core climate clubs which are amplifying stories and solutions to STEP IT UP! Everyone’s invited.


  1. Future Earth

Instagram: @futureearth

  1. Sea Legacy

Instagram: @sealegacy

  1. Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Instagram: @ellenmacarthurfoundation

  1. Extinction Rebellion

Instagram: @extinctionrebellion

  1. Intersectional Environmentalist

Instagram: @intersectionalenvironmentalist

C’Mon, Watch it! (Even if you don’t align with the view…)

The single most important trait to have as a human is to be open to listening and learning from those who may not have the same views as you. You don’t have to change yours but allow yourself to open your eyes and mind to stories, information and experiences! Below are our TOP 5 eye-opening Environmental Documentaries. Be sure to listen to the debate and be part of the conversation by forming your own opinion…

  1. Blue Planet II: Episode 4. Yes, we’re specific – the Attenborough awakening that really changed the game for CanO Water! For the first time, the poisonous nature of plastics on marine life was seen by millions. A MUST-SEE.


  1. A Plastic Ocean, directed by Australian journalist Craig Leeson, dives further into the devastating consequences of plastic pollution on the marine world – discoveries that will hit you hard.

3. Seaspiracy hitting Top 10 on Netflix in a plethora of countries across the world, it has hopefully made a big enough impact on people to help them see the truth of the Oceans. If you haven’t watched it yet then what are you doing? Go, go, GO!

4. A Life on Our Planet. Another Attenborough doc for your Netflix List. Reflecting on his life, career, the decline in wildlife and rising global emissions…there’s NO hiding from our Climate Emergency. If you haven’t seen it already, what are you waiting for!?

5. Before the Flood produced by Leonardo DiCaprio and co. It’s premise: to discuss the global dangers of climate change with politicians, NGO’s and institutions. It begins with a spectacular opening scene. Ready, set… press play.

Brands making waves

  1. @whogivesacraptp there’s a reason behind every roll. This is not your average toilet paper. We’re talking 100% bamboo & recycled TP. Why not make the switch? Check them out here.
  2. @parlatoothpastetabs Clean ingredients meets sustainable packaging! Read our Q&A with Dr Rhona Eskander, co-founder of PÄRLA to hear how the brand plans to change the world one tab at a time!
  3. @grind Coffee. Aesthetics. Sustainability. Read our Q&A with Social Media & Community Manager, Jaz on all things coffee and choosing better for the planet.

4. @wearthlondon In need of simple ways to reduce single-use plastic? Look no further, Wearth London has got you. All the goods from beauty, homeware, fashion and MORE.

5. @canowater – Be Your OWN Biggest Fan! Don’t slip up when you’re out and about. Be sure to opt for the aluminium can over plastic water bottles. The planet will thank you later.

Did you know?

Earth day was founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson, having been inspired by an outbreak of USA protests in the 1960’s – with the intention of educating individuals about environmental issues[1]. Today, 51 years later, it is perhaps fair to say, we may have lost our way. BUT…it is never too late to learn new habits, skills and continue to evolve as humans. This year’s Earth Day theme is “RESTORATION” [2], helping to tackle issues such as air quality, insects’ population, plastic pollution and so much more! You can head over to the Earth Day Network’s website for more information.



Now Go Get it!

Start following, explore new ways, develop new habits and keep on learning. Together, by taking these little steps we can go a long way. Feel free to re-post this article, share ideas and be sure to make every day, Earth Day.


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