In 2014, whilst on vacation, three school dropouts from London found themselves on a remote island surrounded by a sea of rubbish with plastic bottles everywhere!

Instead of doing nothing, they got fired up, putting their creative heads together to find a better solution that doesn’t screw the planet!

After a load of late nights researching, they stumbled upon the benefits of aluminium. Turns out, cans are way more recyclable. And from there, Cano Water was born.

What started from a random trip, became a movement that is now supported by millions worldwide, flipping the script on single-use plastic one can at a time!

Don’t Bottle It!

3 mates from London, taking on plastic waste with cans that recycle forever.

Josh White

Despite facing the hurdles of severe ADHD and addiction early on in life, Josh found passion and purpose in music, as a Hip Hop DJ, playing all over the world.

Prior to his journey with Cano Water, Josh founded an events company that brought together the biggest names in grime and electronic music across the UK, showcasing his keen eye for talent and his dedication to the underground music scene. 

Perry Alexander

Since dropping out of school with no qualifications, Perry has dedicated his life to becoming a self-taught graphic designer.

Perry’s work spans across the music and fashion industries and since founding Cano Water his work can be seen throughout the branding and design language of the brand.

Ariel Booker

Naturally curious and adventurous, Ariel has always been excited by new ideas and his ability to help them materialize.

When the idea to start Cano Water with his mates came around Ariel grabbed it with both hands and never looked back, working passionately with his co founders to bring the vision and mission to life.

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