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Welcome to Ditched & Switched – the series focused on highlighting hidden hotspots that are helping move the dial for sustainability. We’re kickstarting this series with a focus on #LONDON, the capital motivated by change and determined to make the switch to cut down on single-use plastics. By supporting the below sites and their sustainability journey, together we hope to encourage more of the population to choose CanO Water and work collaboratively for the benefit of our planet.  So whether you’re on-the-go, fancy a sweet treat or sweaty workout, these guys below have got you covered!

Name: Sweet Nothing Bake House @sweetnothingbakehouse

Location: Unit G05A, Export Building, 1 Clove Cres, London E14 2BA

Lowdown: This independent artisan bakery tastes as good as it looks. Female founder Beth Cardy confirms she used “lockdown to evolve [the] brand and now [they’re] really excited to be able to bring our baked goods to East London where our customers can come and enjoy cake and coffee in a relaxed and safe environment.”


What made you ditch plastic bottles and switch to CanO Water? 

Being a new Bakery, we wanted to find ways of being more sustainable, and not being another contributor to the world’s waste problems. 


Are you taking any other steps to increase your sustainability?

We have opted to removing all plastic from the store and offering all products in biodegradable and recyclable packaging. We have no food waste by signing up to a platform called ‘Too good to go’ where customers can collect food going off the same day.


Beth Cardy, Sweet Nothing Bake House

Name: F45 (Mill Hill) @f45_training @f45_training_millhill

Location: 615-619 Watford Way, London NW7 3JN

Lowdown:  These heart-pumping, sweat-dripping workouts will not only kick your butt… but help both physically and mentally. Our co-founder Josh is a massive advocate and member of the global fitness community. From cardio, to resistance and hybrid sessions, it’s agreed, there’s only one way to hydrate… you may even be able to spot some of the coolest fridges in the game on site (obviously no bias)!


What made you ditch plastic bottles and switch to CanO Water? 

There is a reason CanO Water has exploded in the last couple of years, their ethos and efforts to help our world is an inspiration and we want to be a small part of that movement! Our business is centred around health and in order to live a healthy life we need to have a healthy planet.


Are you taking any other steps to increase your sustainability?

As well as stocking CanO Water and recycling responsibly, all our washroom products are stocked in reusable bottles (no single use plastics here!) and we’re always on the lookout for organic and cruelty free brands to help the ecosystems of our planet thrive for years to come!


Reiss Mogilner, F45 Mill Hill

Name: Egg Run @eggrun_uk

Location: 46 Fish St Hill Bridge, London EC3R 6BR

Lowdown: “FOR EVERYONE“ Vegan, Vegetarian and Meat lovers – is their motto and we couldn’t agree more. Breakfast, lunch and dinner…burgers, salads and tacos – Egg Run will sort all your cravings, any time of day. With a golden egg ‘cup on the run’ and a CanO down in one, you’ll never need to eat or drink anything else again!


What made you ditch plastic bottles and switch to CanO Water? 

We believe the planet is incredible and we need to do everything we can to sustain it. A responsibility we all share together. CanO water holds the same values and provides a new solution to tackling plastic pollution with the use of their aluminium cans.


Are you taking any other steps to increase your sustainability?

All our packaging is biodegradable, compostable or recyclable.

No single use plastic from any of our stores!

Ella Handy, Egg Run

Name: Woodland Café @woodlandcafelondon

Location: 1451 London Rd, Norbury, London SW16 4AQ

Lowdown: This café really is a fairy-tale… ‘set deep in the woods, where you can sip coffee, make crumbs & dream’. We’re talking floral aesthetic meets magical treats and sustainable packaging. Could it get any better than that? Feast your eyes on this beauty…


What made you ditch plastic bottles and switch to CanO Water? 
WOODLAND cafe opened in September 2020 – with a plan to run as sustainably and responsibly as we could. We’ve never stocked any plastic water bottles – after reading about CanO Water online, we were adamant that this is the only water we’d stock from day one! Our customers love the cans too – for the recyclable aspect and because they look chic and trendy. They are a great talking point for spreading awareness and encouraging others to say no to one-use-plastics. 


Are you taking any other steps to increase your sustainability?
Absolutely! We try to source locally in an attempt to reduce our footprint and support small businesses wherever we can. We only stock aluminium or glass bottles and our take-away packaging is recyclable and plastic-free. We’re working on a tree-planting initiative in the background too, as we clearly love The Woods! It’s important to remember that no business is perfect when it comes to these things, but as we learn more about the critical importance of sustainability for our planet and with companies like CanO Water offering up great recyclable alternatives – it’s up to us to engage, support and implement change. It’d be irresponsible not to! 


Sofia Isabella, Woodland Café

A massive thank you to all the above featured sites for ditching single-use plastic bottles and making the switch to CanO Water. We can’t thank you and all your customers enough for educating, spreading the word and being part of our movement. Together we’re helping stop single-use plastic bottles from entering our environment. It doesn’t get much better than that!


Be sure to check out these amazing sites when you’re next out and about in the big city…

Spot us at your local café or fitness studio? Be sure to take a snap and tag @canowater so we can shout you out! Are you a stockist and want to be part of our next city series? Contact us at [email protected]

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