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It’s been a while…but oh do we have some exciting features incoming! In the buildup to Earth Day, we’re championing brands and platforms, that, just like CanO Water, are helping people choose better for the planet. To kickstart this series, we’re introducing you to PÄRLA toothpaste tabs – clean ingredients and sustainable packaging – what more could you want! So, let’s hand over the mic to Dr Rhona Eskander herself – co-founder, award-winning dentist, international speaker, lecturer and more. There’s nothing stopping this extraordinary woman from changing the world, one tab at a time…

Hey Rhona, introduce PÄRLA for us!

In 2018, alongside my co-founder dentists Dr Simon Chard and Dr Adarsh Thanki, we created PÄRLA – born out of a mission to make oral care more ethical and sustainable.
Most toothpaste tubes are made of single-use non-recyclable plastic, which takes around 500 years to decompose. PÄRLA is our eco-friendly solution to the plastic epidemic of toothpaste tubes.

As dentists, we believe toothpaste should first and foremost protect people’s oral health but not harm people, animals or our planet in the process. That’s why we created PÄRLA – to radically disrupt the toothpaste industry with clean ingredients and sustainable packaging.

Spell it out for us! What is PÄRLA’s mission?

Our mission is to radically transform what we use to clean our teeth and disrupt an outdated toothpaste market. By making one #onesmallchange in what we use to clean our teeth, we can protect the future – for us, for the animals, for the ocean and for our planet. We founded PÄRLA, having learnt a lot about the science behind dental care. We know what works, what doesn’t and understand the impact toothpaste can have on people, animals and the environment.

How is PÄRLA helping people choose better for the planet?

PÄRLA is different – it’s designed by dentists to be good for you and the planet. PÄRLA is the Swedish word for Pearl, so it resonates with pearl of the ocean AND pearly white teeth. The tablets even look like pearls. PÄRLA is our eco-friendly solution to this never-ending story of destruction. Our toothpaste tabs are an ethical, eco-friendly and effective alternative to toothpaste in a tube.

It ticks all boxes for eco-friendly tooth care!

What’s even better, our PÄRLA tablets are made in the UK and contain 40% less water than traditional toothpaste, which means a greatly reduced carbon footprint.

Give us the low-down on your packaging…

Our packaging is proudly 100% plastic free – with all of our packaging being either reusable, recyclable or compostable. PÄRLA tabs are sold in reusable glass jars, with refills coming through the letter box every 4 months in plant-based compostable bags. This means zero waste for our customers and the compostable bags can be composted at home or thrown in the garden waste.

There are many recyclable plastic toothpaste tube options coming to the market now however we don’t feel you can recycle your way out of this issue. Aluminium and glass are infinitely recyclable however ANY plastic can only be recycled a few times and then must be thrown in landfill or end in the ocean. This means that we are just pushing the problem onto the next generation – that’s why we are proudly 100% plastic free. 

What do you believe is the brand’s strongest sync with CanO Water?

We adore CanO water’s mission – to be a disrupter brand means having the innovation and determination to bring about change. Your mission to help the everlasting problem of plastic is in line with PÄRLA’s mission. You have changed the way people drink water, recognising that changing a habit of a life time may be hard but is also doable. You have turned the plastic bottle industry on its head and formed a loyal tribe of followers who really want to make change and this is exactly what we are doing here at PÄRLA.

Together we can drive change and protect our planet for the generations to come!

What’s the most shocking plastic statistic you’ve ever read?

We get through 1.5 billion toothpaste tubes per year – that’s around 50 tubes a second – and when they reach the landfill it takes up to 700 years to biodegrade. That means that every toothpaste tube you have ever seen or touched is likely to still be on the planet!

How easy is it, both physically and mentally, for everyone to make the switch to PÄRLA? Give us your top tips!

The big change is going from a paste to a tablet. We know that humans are creatures of habit and we encourage the 21 day challenge – brush with our tablets twice a day every day for 3 weeks and we promise you will see the difference. This also helps us mentally push through the change barrier. Physically it is so easy to change from paste to tablet, it is much easier to use than regular toothpaste, you do not get foamy dribble stains down your clothes, you ensure that you are not wasting any product as the tablet has the perfect dose of all ingredients to ensure a healthy mouth.

Using PÄRLA tabs is a simple 3 step process:

  1. Chew – place the tablet in your mouth and chew for 5 seconds.
  2. Hydrate – wet your toothbrush.
  3. Brush – brush as normal! The water from the brush converts the tablet into a paste in your mouth.

Can you give us any insight into PÄRLA’s future plans?

We aim to radically disrupt the outdated oral care market.  In the same way as there has been a backlash against the glut of discarded bottles clogging waterways, polluting the oceans and littering our streets, we can now agree that carrying plastic bottles of water around is uncool. This is how we want people to feel about toothpaste tubes, using daily single use plastic is not sustainable in the long term with 7 billion people on our planet.

Our short term aim is to get at least 5% of the UK population of the population to convert from tubes to tablets by 2022! We are driving this change and genuinely believe we can do it!

We also have some new exciting products coming out very shortly, which have never been done before, so stay tuned!

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