We're super excited to announce our partnership with the

Marine Conservation Society

Fighting for a Cleaner, Better Protected & Healthier Ocean

The rate we continue to pollute our oceans, destroy marine life and precious underwater habitats is devastating. The ocean is a potential super hero in the fight to tackle the climate crisis but our actions are reducing the ocean’s ability to help. We are determined to change this.


That’s why, from this World Oceans Day, we’re partnering with the Marine Conservation Society. From cleaning beaches, shaping government policies and undertaking conservation activities, this charity is people-powered and we could not respect it more.


We’re asking everyone and anyone to ‘FOLLOW’ @canowater to HELP SAVE A TURTLE.

Yes, it really is that easy!

For each new Instagram & Facebook follower gained between the 08/06/2021 and the 22/06/2021, we’ll donate 10p to the Marine Conservation Society. This will go towards protecting turtles from marine plastic pollution, habitat destruction and more…


The Marine Conservation Society takes part in vital projects across 14 UK Overseas Territories…from managing turtle fisheries in Turks and Caicos, to safeguarding populations in the British Virgin Islands and recovering nesting sites in Montserrat, their work is  a crucial part of the drive to protect turtle species and manage their fragile environments.

Photography: Liz Cunningham

For more information on these projects click here!


So be sure to head over to our social channels @canowater, give us a follow and share the campaign with your friends!


Thank you for your support.

The turtles are eternally grateful!



To learn more on how you can support the Marine Conservation Society and protect our seas click here.


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