Every year an estimated 11 million tonnes of plastics enter our oceans. Marine pollution is at an all-time high, with an expected 29 million metric tonnes of plastic littering our oceans by 2040. The rate we continue to pollute is devastating. We know awareness and education on the plastic problem is everything…Cue CanO Water

That’s why, this World Oceans Day, we’re partnering with our friends at 100 Tons of Plastic to help support our mission and remove as much plastic waste from our shores and seas as possible. We need YOUR help! We’re asking everyone and anyone to ‘FOLLOW’ @canowater to HELP CLEAN OUR OCEANS and we’ll do the rest! Yes, it really is that easy…


For each new Instagram follower joined between the 08/06/2022 and the 15/06/2022, we’ll remove the equivalent of 5 Plastic Bottles. There is no limit to this initiative, the more who join our online community, the more plastic will be removed.


40k🙋Followers = Let’s go!

45k🙋Followers = 500kg of plastic

50k🙋Followers =  1 ton of plastic

55k🙋Followers =  1.5 tons of plastic

60k🙋Followers =  2 tons of plastic

80k🙋Followers = 4 tons of plastic

100k🙋Followers = 🔒

So be sure to head over to our social channels @canowater, give us a follow, help us reach these targets and share the campaign with your friends!

Thank you for your support.


To learn more on how you can support 100 Tons of Plastic with beach cleans worldwide click here

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