Edited By Delfina Rainoldi

This month we are bringing to you some wonderful individuals who are trying to bring an abundance of sustainable options into their lives, while – trying to – ditch one plastic item at a time! Starting our mini-series of blogs this month is an interview with our very own Perry! He is the Creative Director and Designer at CanO Water, as well as being one of the 3 founding fathers.

But, before we dive in, it is always very important to remember that one step forward is better than no change at all, so if you can’t afford to completely ditch plastic from your lifestyle or don’t have the access to infrastructure to do so, then don’t worry! There will always be one small thing you can do. Hopefully this mini-series of Plastic Free July interviews will inspire you to take that tiny step forward.

In this blog, Perry explains how choosing better for the planet doesn’t have to be only considered at home or school, but in any part of your life, such as the workplace.  However, it’s worth noting that sometimes being eco-conscious in the workplace can create a bit of eco-anxiety and make you feel like you’re a fish swimming against the current, but just because you can’t control everything in the workplace, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the small eco-steps that make you happy!

What inspired you to go plastic free when possible?

Similar to the idea of CanO Water’s inception, I am and have always looked at other products and their packaging because I love packaging design – especially when I see new innovative and cool sustainable solutions. Going plastic free stemmed from a similar passion for innovation and sustainability to help the future of our planet in how we consume products.

What challenges do you find when looking for sustainable alternatives?

One of the most noticeable challenges can be in the price,  often, sustainable products and better alternatives in the market can cost a lit bit more than the average product, but the way I see it is, they don’t cost the Earth.

What is your go to alternative to plastic?

My go to alternative would have to be a cool and refreshing Sparkling CanO Water! My liquid consumption is primarily sparkling water and coffee. I usually always have a sparkling CanO Water with me. It’s great to know that even if I have finished my can or forgotten my water flask, I can run into a local supermarket or shop and buy one!

What does being plastic free in the workplace look like?

Being plastic free in the workplace can take shape in many ways, and initially there won’t be many things you can do – let’s be realistic! However, there are some things you can do to persuade less plastic consumption, such as:

  • Encouraging your workplace to hold talks with guest speakers or company employees interested in a cause – this is a great way to spread awareness and educate individuals of the grave problem we face when it comes to plastic.
  • Push for a refillable filtered water station (if there isn’t one already!) – if your office provides plastic bottles, it might be worth suggesting to have other water sources, such as filters for the taps or even CanO Water for guests!
  • Use the canteen’s plates and cutlery – sometimes you can’t escape that morning Pret yogurt pot that you love so much… if that’s the case say no to their napkins and plastic cutlery and just use your canteen’s items.
  • Bring a packed lunch – not only does this reduce plastic waste in the office but it also saves you some cashhhh 💸.
  • Share your at home success stories with your colleagues to encourage more awareness around plastic waste.
  • Request for more recycling bins around the office if you think they’re lacking!

Incorporating a more sustainable lifestyle in the workplace doesn’t have to be all that impossible, nothing is! We all probably thought that water in a can wasn’t possible or needed, but look at us now with CanO Water slowly taking over the shelves in our supermarkets and stores, and all over our social media! Plastic free July in the workplace should be about innovation and initiative, if there are things that you want to change, take action and show your proactiveness!

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