Kickstart 2022 with #DryJan

New year, new start, new goals. It’s 2022. The pressure is on to re-set and re-start, both physically and mentally…and it’s most definitely easier said than done. With health and wellbeing as a top priority for EVERYONE, here at CanO Water we’re asking you to consider holding back on the gin and tonics and instead kickstart your year with #DryJan.

Research has found that almost 30% of us turned to booze in 2021, more than in 2020 – potentially developing unhealthy habits from stress and much more. Following a month of Christmas gatherings, multitudes of meals, and delicious drink – which, by the way, are incredibly deserved – we’re here to list a few reasons as to why you should try and cut back the alcohol. The afterwork cocktails, nip to the pub, unwinding on weeknights and bottomless brunches can seriously add up, taking more of a toll on your body and mind than you may think… so contemplate the below and thank us later.

According to Alcohol Change UK, it’s incredible to read that a record breaking 7.9 million Brits have pledged to keep #DryJan in 2022 – this is a yearly increase of 22% participants. No, you don’t have to qualify as boring to participate, and no, there’s no real deadline for giving up the goods, but why not try the first *31 Days*! So grab your friends, find that online community, and even share your progress via an app, because sober is better together. And we’re all here for it.

Why #SoberIsSexy…

First and foremost, an array of long-term health benefits can arise from reducing your alcohol intake. According to the British Medical Journal (2018) alcohol is linked to more than 60 health conditions including liver disease, depression and more. The benefits of reduced consumption include:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Reduced diabetes risk
  • Reduced levels of cancer-related proteins in the blood

It’s an obvious long-term win for us. How about you?

Goodbye Hangovers

because waking up drained and dehydrated is never the one.

Better Sleep & Boosted Energy

accordingly to Alcohol Change UK, 70% of participants have better sleep and 66% have more energy. Despite the belief that alcohol can aid your sleep, its affect on quality, pattern (disrupted by urination), dehydration and headaches is incredibly impactful. Who wouldn’t want to feel re-charged and ready to seize the day? Goodbye Margarita Mondays.

Hello Hydration

alcohol is a diuretic, which affects fluid and electrolyte levels in the body, in turn causing dehydration. So hey, take the opportunity to drink more water and get your H20 levels in shape. CanO Water is here, ready and waiting for you. Your mind and skin need it more than ever (click here for all the benefits) and keep on sipping!

Save Spendings!

Whilst ever so obvious, it’s ever so important. Buying pint after pint, cocktail after cocktail really can break the bank. The Alcohol Change UK have recorded that 86% of participants have saved moneyfrom #DryJan. Every drink adds up – don’t forget it!

Shake Your Social

Maybe it’s time to venture outside your comfort zone, replace time spent drinking socially with something entirely new. We’re talking new hobbies, cultural outings, or maybe it’s just spending that extra time on bettering yourself. Trade those glasses of wine for a park stroll, some meditation and enjoy the fresh perspective. If that seems a little too unrealistic, there’s also some delicious non-alcoholic beverages we can tempt you with… We recommend Blue Drop,Lucky Saint and Seedlip.


Feeling ‘sober curious’? Well embrace the perfect opportunity to partake in #DryJan and be more mindful of your alcohol consumption throughout the year. Take it day by day, or try it month after month, gloat about the health and wellbeing benefits, and observe your physical, mental and social transformations. Defy your usual drinking norms for nothing but positive change. Your welcome!

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