Gifting Ideas for All

By Delfina Rainoldi

And just like that, Christmas (along with other religious festivities) is right around the corner

If you also feel as if the whole year has just flashed in front of your eyes, and a sudden stress is creeping at the thought of buying gifts for your whole family, loved ones and more… fear not! We are here to get your xmas shopping into motion, a little push in the right direction, with our ultimate gifting guide. Buckle up and enjoy!


Office Secret Santa

Although we’re huge fans of Secret Santa, it can be quite excruciating having to buy a work colleague a gift with a limiting budget in mind, especially someone who you may not be as super close with. So, what was meant to be a fun and light-hearted experience turns into a stress-induced process. Consequently you buy a last minute, impractical gift. Stop right there, we’ve got your back with top 5 SSS (Sustainable Secret Santa) ideas for under £15:


  1. The perfect Eco-beauty starter kit for all beauty lovers
  2. Have you got a coffee lover to buy for? Grind coffee pods come in a cute tin and the coffee pods are compostable!
  3. We all have that one foodie obsessed colleague who won’t stop talking about the latest restaurant they went to. Which means it is only right to get them the Where Chefs Eat book – because who wouldn’t want to eat where chefs do?
  4. The best you can gift someone who loves mindfulness and taking care of themselves is a gratitude journal!
  5. What do you get an eco-warrior who is trying to stop climate change singlehandedly? You plant trees on their behalf!


TIP: If your work doesn’t want to partake in Secret Santa this year, it’s worth suggesting an Office-wide foodbank or clothing donation. Although this is not the classic funny, surprise-driven blueprint, you will be gifting smiles and love to those in need this holiday. Sometimes giving is more gratifying than getting a small tiny gift you’ll never use!

Fill ‘em Up! The Best Stocking Fillers Around

Stocking fillers tend to be the most fun and quirky gifts to buy. There tends to be some great joy and sense of accomplishment about buying small useful gifts that the other person will absolutely love. So in order to hail the stockings, we’ve got some fillers for you!

  1. For the tech-obsessed who hate getting a singular tiny scratch on any of their tech – cases for their products, e.g. an airpod case with the option to personalise! How much better can that get?
  2. You can never go wrong with a candle for someone who loves having a cosy home, some great brands to buy from are Diptyque Paris, Jo Malone and Neom.
  3. A hot water bottle. Everyone should have one, enough said!
  4. It goes without saying that food nibbles in stockings are the best, so why not get some delicious Chocolate Truffles from Charbonnel et Walker? I’m sure your in-laws will love them.
  5. For the life planners who need a new planner coming the new year… Papier come in hot with their styles varieties and vast options!

CanO’s Wishlist

As always, we love to leave the best until last. So, to carry on with this theme, here is CanO’s dreamy Wishlist, with the hottest top 10 most wanted items. Enjoy, and let’s hope these ideas don’t break the bank too much…

For Her

    1. Prada Nylon Bag, you’ve probably seen it all over your social and you probably want it as much as we do, so why not gift it to a loved one or… yourself? Produced from recycled, purified plastic trash collected in the ocean!
    2. Dr Barbara Sturm, the queen of skincare. You could get her a glowing facial at the Sturm Boutique or you can buy her the ultimate skincare essentials.
    3. She is precious and so she deserves only the most precious stone there is, as diamond. Get her a timeless diamond necklace from Cartier or Ana Luisa who make Carbon Neutral jewellery.

For Him

    1. The perfect cocktail making kit you may have ever seen from Lorenzi Milano will bring your bar to life.
    2. For the obsessed skier, you cannot go wrong with a pair of Faction ski’s. All of the lines are great, but make sure to check the style of skiing they like.
    3. A wallet can never go amiss with any man. Tom Ford brings elegance, minimalism and finesse with this timeless wallet.


    1. The Therabody Pro Massager is the perfect remedy for those heavy gym sessions that special person may have
    2. The classic Rimowa suitcase for the nomad who can’t stop travelling (in style).
    3. Leica – the holy grail of cameras and partner of the latest Bond Film, so what better gift to get the photographer in the family?
    4. A Retreat of any kind is perfect for any loved one. Champney’s Health Spa, Birch Community or Lanserhofare some to choose from.

Obviously, there are a million and one amazing options to get as gifts and stocking fillers, but just in case you were stuck, we thought we’d share a few of our favourites. Enjoy, try to shop with sustainability in mind and have a wonderful Christmas!

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